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02/03/18: La Boule Noire, Paris  

15/05/18: Live session chez Smart Music Tour

01/07/18: Live session La bouclette TV

11/02/19: L’usine à Musique, Toulouse 

12/02/19: IBOAT, Bordeaux 

13/02/19: El Camino, Caen

21/03/19: Atla, Paris 

04/05/19: La Boule Noire, Paris

27/04/19: Festival des 24h de l’IESA, Paris 

21/06/19: La cantine de la Cigale, Paris

22/06/19: Solidays, Paris

22/09/19: Gambetta Club, Paris

21/06/20: Indo café, Lyon 

30/07/20: L’antre de Ketut (soirée privée)

“Music-wise, we love HxC textures, distorted, saturated and experimental, glad to find this kind of sounds in your sound! 
The crossing Synthé Gras and Chant is interesting, there is a crossing between ShortParis and Carpenter Brut, really nice

Fauchage Collectif (Paris)

“We are really mesmerized by the whole music video of “Mermaids”, everything is so well done. A high fantasy vibe that is just amazing. we are glad to have you on our radar.” 

Escoutai (Webzine à Sao Paulo)

“What a sonic journey this exhilarating composition is with sophisticated somewhat abrasive and fearsomely atmospheric sounds. The theatrical male vocal performance adds a lot of atmosphere to this totally stimulating work.”

Boulimiques de Musique, (Webzine à Montréal).

Electronic Music Live