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Last News in Ketut Magical World


Ketut born in January 2018 comes from the crazy idea of planting Electro Clash in a Heroic Fantasy setting, two favorite universes of its creator Bastien Fournillier.
Lulled since childhood by the French Touch (Vitalic, Gesaffelstein, Sebastian), he uses its codes to produce and sing what he defines as Epic Wave.
With some 20 live concerts to his credit, notably at Solidays and the Boule Noire in 2019, this young composer takes us with him on fantastic epics that we never tire of following closely.
Liturgical choirs and distorted synths, between fragility and violence, here you are on the threshold of Ketut’s Strange World.

Release of the first EP “First Quest” on December 15, 2020.

Electronic Music Live